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Portrait of a House

This is my grandmother Geraldine's beautiful home, where I lived with her for five years before beginning my tertiary study. Photographing her house is a fitting tribute to her dear friend and my mentor, interior designer Peter Reynolds who sadly passed away last year. Nanna's house is filled with treasures she has collected from all over the world; a contemporary cabinet of curiosity. As I write this I wonder what she has bought home this month from Vienna, or Rome. She jokes that I didn't inherit any creativity from her as both my parents are artists and she is an insurance broker. I don't think you could create a home like hers without having great vision, taste and creativity. My favourite things in her home? The Venetian glass chandelier in the lounge which used to hang in Peter's gallery, the lounge suite she's had since the 70's that was originally covered in cream velour, and the fact that there are no white walls in the entire house.  


Portrait of a House
Portrait of a House

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